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PingFederate Installation ReferenceΒΆ

  1. Register for trial and download the PingFederate Windows Installer MSI from here. From the same site select the Add-ons tab and download Duo Security Integration Kit 3.0.

  2. Request a license key from PingIdentity and download the key.

  3. Download and install OpenJDK 11 and set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the Java installation directory path, and add its bin directory to the PATH environment variable.

  4. Install PingFederate using the downloaded MSI installer and select Standalone mode. The rest of the values during installation can be left default.

  5. After installation the admin console can be accessed via https://>FQDN<:9999/pingfederate/app.

  6. Access the admin console link in the browser and follow the onscreen instructions. Select No, setup PingFederate Without PingOne when prompted.

  7. In the next window, browse to the downloaded license file and click Next.

  8. Select Identity Provider and click Next.

  9. Click Next.

  10. Create an Administrator account.

  11. Follow the instructions to install the Duo Security Integration Kit from

    Before installing the integration kit

    Before installing the integration kit, stop the pingfederate service from the Services window and start the service after the kit is deployed.

  12. To integrate existing local active directory to PingFederate. Please follow the steps at