Upgrade Management Console using an RPM

Upgrading from an RPM is supported when upgrading from PCoIP Management Console release 19.05 and newer.

Backup Your Database

Always ensure you have a working backup of your Management Console data when performing a Management Console removal, upgrade, or installation. Considerations should include:

  • having a current snapshot of your virtual machine
  • having a complete backup or clone of your Linux PC
  • having a current backup of your Management Console database.

Download the RPM from https://help.teradici.com and copy the compressed file to the PCoIP Management Console VM. Windows users may have to use a third party tool such as WinSCP to copy the file to the Linux VM.

Database migration during Upgrade

During an upgrade, the database will be automatically migrated if moving to a newer version of Management Console.

To upgrade a Management Console installation:

  1. Change directories to where the tar.gz file is located, enter:
    tar xvzf teradicimc-<version>.tar.gz.

  2. Change directories to the unzipped folder where the RPM is located. (teradicimc-<version>-<build> folder)

  3. At the command prompt enter:
    sudo yum install teradicimc-<version>.rpm.