What's New in this Release

PCoIP Management Console release 20.01 offers new feature additions, and user interface changes over past releases and are described in this section.

Info: Information on previous releases

For features and release details associated with previous releases of the PCoIP Management Console, consult the Teradici PCoIP Management Console Life Cycle Table.

Feature Additions or Changes

New Profile Settings

  • Reset Notification Timeout profile setting will generate a reset overlay notice on a PCoIP Zero Client when a profile is applied that has a reboot requirement.

  • Profile settings for Monitor Emulation now include 3480x1440 and 3480x2160 resolutions

New User Roles and Permissions

New user roles can be created with customized permissions

Group Search

Group search is now available in CREATE NEW GROUP dialog

Active Directory Root DN Setting

Active Directory (AD) deployments now can limit the scope of AD searches to a Root DN

RPM install change

The RPM installer now activates firewalld for the administrator to configure