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Enhanced Audio and Video Synchronization

Enhanced Audio and Video Synchronization provides improved full-screen video playback, reducing the difference in delays between the audio and video channels and smoothing frame playback on the client. This improves lip sync and reduces video frame drops for video playback.

This feature introduces a small lag in user interaction responsiveness when enabled. Using enhanced audio and video synchronization will reduce the maximum frame rate.

AV Lock is enabled on a per-display basis, so you can dedicate individual displays to playback without impacting responsiveness on the others.

To use AV Lock:

  1. If you are in full-screen mode, reveal the menu bar on the display you want to enhance by moving the mouse cursor to the top of the screen.
  2. On the display you want to enhance select View > AV Lock to toggle the enhanced sync mode.

Persistent Display Topology

The Enhanced Audio and Video Synchronization feature is persistent across sessions from the same client, provided that the display topology has not changed.

PCoIP Ultra AV-Lock

PCoIP Ultra AV-Lock enables regulated synchronization of audio and video frames. When audio is playing the video frames will be delayed to align with the audio sound track. When there is no audio playing the video frames will be presented to the user without delay. In some use cases, such as video editorial, audio video synchronization, it must be tolerant of variable network conditions that may be present with remote work.

PCoIP Ultra AV-Lock enables more regulated synchronization of audio and video frames compared to AV Lock that's described above. PCoIP Ultra AV-Lock is available with PCoIP Ultra CPU Offload, GPU Offload or Auto Offload. You must enable the High Performance Client mode for this feature to function correctly, for instructions on how to activate this High Performance Mode, see PCoIP High Performance Client.

To activate Ultra AV-Lock from the High Performance Client menu, under the menu "View - PCoIP Ultra AV-Lock", select the monitor you wish to activate Ultra AV-Lock on. Monitors with Ultra AV-Lock activated will be indicated with a checkmark in the menu. This may be switched on/off for individual monitors in-session, and will be remembered for future sessions as long as the monitor topology remains the same.