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USB Support

PCoIP Clients supports redirecting USB devices to a remote session. Administrators can set rules governing allowed and disallowed devices, device classes, or device protocols. 

Important: USB support is enabled by default

USB bridging is enabled by default. If you want to restrict or disable USB support, you can globally disable or set rules governing USB behavior via GPO settings on the PCoIP Agent.

USB Redirection

USB redirection is only intended to be used with a single instance of the PCoIP Software Client. Launching a second instance of the PCoIP Software Client while USB devices are redirected from another client may not work as expected.

Remote USB Device Support

When remoting pointer-style USB devices such as a mouse, stylus, or Wacom tablet, you must grant computer control. You can enable this through the Preferences>Security & Privacy>Privacy>Accessibility in system settings.

Isochronous USB device Support

The Software Client for macOS does not support isochronous USB devices.

USB Device Pressure Sensitivity

The Software Client for macOS may encounter issues with Wacom pressure sensitivity. This is as a USB handling restriction on macOS Catalina. It occurs when you want to load the USB Kernel Extension at session start up. For information on how to address this issue, see here.