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Setting Log Levels

You can set log levels to determine the level of details provided in the log. Log levels range from 0 to 4, where 0 provides the least information and 4 provides the most information. There are two methods for setting the log levels in the PCoIP Client, via the command line and in the PCoIP Client pre-session UI.

Setting log levels via the command line

  • open /Applications/ --args -l x where l is lowercase L and x is desired the log level (1, 2, or 3).

You can also set the log level persistently in the ~/.pcoip.rc file. This file should contain the following line to set the log level to 3:

pcoip.event_filter_mode = 3

To revert back to the default log level, remove this line from the file.

Setting log levels in the PCoIP Client UI

  1. From the menu icon click Settings. Alt Text
  2. Set the log level to one of the following level states:
    • 0 - Critical
    • 1 - Error
    • 2 - Info (default)
    • 3 - Debug
    • 4 - Verbose Alt Text
  3. Click Save

When you are reporting an issue to support, set the log level to Debug before reproducing the issue and creating a support bundle. The log file name is also displayed which is helpful when identifying which log in a support bundle reproduces the issue.