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What's New in This Release

The PCoIP Software Client for macOS 21.10 introduces the following features and enhancements:

Security and Stability Updates

Increased security and stability updates and enhancements around the PCoIP Client.

Multi-Channel Audio Output Supported

Multi-Channel Audio Output (2.1, 5.1, 7.1 channel configuration) is now supported when connecting the PCoIP Software Client for macOS to PCoIP Agent for macOS. See Audio for details.

PCoIP High Performance Client

The PCoIP High Performance Client enables higher frame-rates with fewer dropped frames than the default PCoIP Software Client. Standard PCoIP Client mode is still recommended for most use cases, the High Performance Client is recommended for the presentation of high frame rate content such as video or animations. See PCoIP High Performance Client.

Audio Output Devices

With this release users can now change audio output devices in-session. For example, plugging in headphones on a MacBook will switch audio output from built in speakers to the headphones for the PCoIP session. This is limited to audio output devices with the same number of output channels. For example, when switching between stereo speakers to stereo headphones. If a user needs to switch between devices with a different number of channels, they will still have to re-start the PCoIP session to negotiate the change in audio channels.