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The PCoIP Ultra Collaboration feature enables a user to share their PCoIP session with a remote guest collaborator using a PCoIP Software Client. While connected, the guest collaborator can view the screen output and hear the audio output of the shared PCoIP session.

When discussing this feature, we'll refer to the first user as the host collaborator, and the second user who joins the session as the guest collaborator.

Feature Support, Requirements and Limitations

The PCoIP Ultra Collaboration feature is only supported when connecting from a Windows, Linux or macOS PCoIP Software Client to a macOS PCoIP Graphics Agent v21.10 or later. Support for this feature on Windows and Linux PCoIP Agents is coming in 2022, see our Technology Preview Program for further details.

The steps outlined below are intended for the guest collaborator to connect to the collaboration session. For a complete list of requirements and limitations around this feature, see the PCoIP Graphics Agent for macOS guide - Collaboration.

Enabling and Hosting a Collaboration Session

For information and steps on how to enable collaboration, and how to host a collaboration session, see the PCoIP Graphics Agent for macOS - Enabling Collaboration and PCoIP Graphics Agent for macOS - Hosting a Collaboration Session sections.

Joining a Collaboration Session

The guest collaborator can join the PCoIP session once they have received the PCoIP URI and the Collaboration Invitation code from the host collaborator. For information on how to get the PCoIP URI and Collaboration Invitation code see the PCoIP Graphics Agent for macOS guide - Collaboration section.

  1. Open a web browser and go to the PCoIP URI shared with you (you may be able to click this link directly, depending on how it was shared with you).

  2. The web browser will warn you that the link is attempting to open the PCoIP Client application. Allow the browser to open the PCoIP Client.

  3. When the PCoIP Client opens, it will prompt you for your name and the Collaboration Invitation Code. The value you enter for your name is used to tell the host who is joining; the Collaboration Invitation Code is the six digit number provided by the host. Enter both values and click Submit.

  4. Once the host collaborator accepts your connection request, the Collaboaration screen share will start.

  5. To leave the collaboration session, select Connection > Disconnect from the PCoIP Client menu.