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PCoIP Client Parameters

The following table outlines command line parameters that are available to use and customize:

Short Long                                          Default Description
-? help Display help message. Set to false by default.
-v version Print version information. Set to false by default.
-u username Username sent to Connection Broker.
-p password Password sent to Connection Broker.
-d domain Domain sent to Connection Broker.
-b connection-broker Connection broker URL.
-l log-level Unset force log level (will override config/registry)
-w windowed False run inside a window.
-f fullscreen False run in full-screen mode. The default is to run in windowed mode.
-s security-mode Security mode.
- locale Set locale.
- disable-usb Disable USB.
- send-rel-mouse-on-mmb Send relative mouse events when the middle mouse button is pressed.
-h hard-host Hard host URL. This option is ignored if connection-broker is provided
quit-after-disconnect Do no re-enter the pre-session after leaving the in-session.
usb-auto-forward Auto-forward all non-HID devices.
vidpid-auto-forward String of VID, PID hex values separated by spaces.
remap-cmd-to-ctrl Enables the macOS CMD key to map to the Windows Super key on the host. This parameter has some limitations, if the CMD+"randomkey" is a hotkey for the local OS then the PCoIP Client will capture the CMD key and map that to Super (or Windows key) but the macOS Client will suppress the "randomkey" key from the application.
vidpid-black-list Blocks specific VID,PIDs from autoforward regardless of whether the usb-auto-forward parameter or the USB dialog is used.