Trial Period Overview

The Thin Client Access trial period is over 90 days and will work out-of-the-box. The 90-day trial period workflow is outlined here:

  1. The Thin Client device will come with out-of-the-box 90-day trial period. The trial period is not managed by the licensing service.
  2. After receiving a Thin Client device from the factory, a user can access the PCoIP Client for 90 days on a trial period.
  3. Users need to acknowledge that they are activating the trial period before launching the PCoIP Client.
  4. After successfully launching the PCoIP Client trial, a user will see the Thin Client Access expiration date on the PCoIP Client, as outlined below. <!--Image needed>
  5. Upon expiry of the trial period a user will no longer have access to the PCoIP Client. The user will see the date the Thin Client Access trial expired, as outlined below. <!--Image needed>
  6. After the trial period has ended, a user can only access the PCoIP Client after the Thin Client device has been deactivated with a valid Thin Client Access license.