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What's New in This Release

The following features are supported in this release of the PCoIP Software Client for Linux:

Saved Desktops and Resources Scrollable List

In the PCoIP Software Client 20.10 release it is now possible to view, and search for, saved desktops and resources in a list with a new search filter.

Enhanced A/V Sync Enabled by Default

Enhanced A/V sync can now be enabled in the PCoIP Client menu as outlined here. Previously, additional configurations were required.

Auto-Offload Feature added to PCoIP Ultra

PCoIP Ultra provides several offload modes - CPU Offload, GPU Offload and the newly added Auto-Offload mode. When this mode is enabled, PCoIP Ultra will use CPU Offload by default but dynamically switches to GPU offload during periods of high display activity. Auto-Offload optimizes performance by switching between the highest quality mode needed for content accuracy (lossless color accuracy and image fidelity) and a system efficient mode optimized around network bandwidth and CPU savings for high frame rate content. For more information, see here.

Support added for Cintiq 22 DTK-2260 and Cintiq Pro 24 - Pen & Touch DTH 2420 on High Latency Networks

The PCoIP Software Client for Linux 20.10 now supports Wacom Tablets Cintiq 22 (DTK-2260) and Cintiq Pro 24 - Pen & Touch (DTH-2420) with local termination on high latency networks.

Touch support added for Cintiq Pro 32 Pen & Touch (DTH-2420)

The PCoIP Software Client for Linux 20.10 now supports touch on the Cintiq Pro 32 Pen & Touch (DTH-2420) Wacom tablet on high latency networks.

Security and Stability Updates

Increased security and stability updates and enhancements around the PCoIP Client.