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PCoIP Ultra

The PCoIP Client provides support for PCoIP Ultra, the latest protocol enhancements from Teradici. PCoIP Ultra is optimized for truly lossless support with bit-exact color accuracy and preservation of content detail at the highest frame rates.

PCoIP Ultra protocol enhancements propels our industry-recognized performance into the future of remote computing, with faster, more interactive experience for users of remote workstations working with high-resolution content.

PCoIP Ultra enhancements are controlled on the PCoIP Agent. There is no configuration required on the PCoIP Client.

PCoIP Ultra is appropriate for specific use cases

For most users, the default PCoIP protocol will provide the best possible experience. Carefully review the recommended use cases in the next section to determine whether you should enable it.

When to Enable PCoIP Ultra

In release 20.01, PCoIP Ultra supports the following use cases:

  • Users requiring CPU-optimized delivery of 4K UHD, high-framerate video playback.

  • Efficient scaling across multicore CPUs, leveraging AVX2 instruction sets.

For all other scenarios, Teradici recommends that you leave PCoIP Ultra disabled. For additional detail on PCoIP Ultra technical requirements for various use cases and troubleshooting steps, refer to KB 2109: PCoIP Ultra Troubleshooting.


To take advantage of PCoIP Ultra, you need:

  • A PCoIP Agent (any type), 19.11 or later

  • A PCoIP Software Client (any type), 19.11 or later

  • The CPUs on both the agent and the client machines must support the AVX2 instruction set.

Enabling PCoIP Ultra

In order to enable PCoIP Ultra features you need to turn on GPO variables in the PCoIP Agent. For information on enabling this with Linux, see Enabling PCoIP Ultra for Linux. For information on enabling this with Windows, see Enabling PCoIP Ultra for Windows.

Auto-Offload with PCoIP Ultra

The auto-offload feature with PCoIP Ultra enables users to allow PCoIP Ultra to select the best protocol, whether that is CPU or GPU, based on display rate change. CPU Offload is used by default to provide the best image fidelity, GPU Offload is used during periods of high display activity to provide improved frame rates and bandwidth optimization. This setting is only effective if the remote host and client endpoints are capable of both CPU and GPU Offload. You can select this option when you are enabling PCoIP Ultra.

For information on how to do this, see PCoIP Ultra - Windows, and PCoIP Ultra - Linux.

H.264 Hardware Decode

The PCoIP Software Client for Linux supports H.264 hardware decode for selected hardware configurations by using the PCoIP Client to enable the decode. For information on this, see here.

PCoIP Codec Indicator

When enabling PCoIP Ultra there will be an onscreen indicator at the bottom left corner of the screen. PCoIP Ultra CPU optimization is indicated with a dark blue dot. PCoIP Ultra GPU optimization is indicated by a magenta dot. To disable this codec update the pcoip.code_indicator parameter:

~/.pcoip.rc pcoip.codec_indicator = 0

Ensure that you maintain the space before and after the = sign.