Linux Keyboard Shortcuts

There a number of system level keyboard shortcuts on Ubuntu 18.04 that can affect your remote desktop experience. If you are using some of these keys then it is recommended that you re-map or disable them.

To re-map a keyboard shortcut go to the Keyboard tab within your system settings, select the keyboard shortcut and enter the keys you wish to use to re-map with. You can also click backspace to disable the shortcut.

The following keyboard shortcuts may be of interest:

Navigation Shortcut: Alt+Tab

Ubuntu 18.04: Switch applications (on local client).

Windows 10: Switch applications (on remote desktop).

Navigation Shortcut: Super+Tab

Ubuntu 18.04: Switch applications (on local client)

Windows 10: Open task view (on remote desktop)

Navigation Shortcut: Super+Shift+Up arrow

Ubuntu 18.04: Move window one monitor up.

Windows 10: Stretch the desktop window to fill the entire screen.

Navigation Shortcut: Super+Ctrl+D

Ubuntu 18.04: Hides all normal windows.

Windows 10: Adds a virtual desktop.

Navigation Shortcut: Ctrl+Alt+Tab

Ubuntu 18.04: Switch System Controls Windows.

Windows 10: View open applications.

Navigation Shortcut: Super+Home

Ubuntu 18.04: Switch to workspace 1.

Windows 10: Minimize all but the active desktop window(Restores all windows on second stroke).

Navigation Shortcut: Super+Lock

Ubuntu 18.04: Lock screen.

Windows 10: Lock screen.

Navigation Shortcut: Super+A

Ubuntu 18.04: Show all applications.

Windows 10: Open action center.

Navigation Shortcut: Super+S

Ubuntu 18.04: Show the overview.

Windows 10: Open search.

Navigation Shortcut: Super+H

Ubuntu 18.04: Hide window.

Windows 10: Open the share charm.

Navigation Shortcut: Super+Up arrow

Ubuntu 18.04: Maximize window.

Windows 10: Maximize app window.

Navigation Shortcut: Super+Down arrow

Ubuntu 18.04: Restore window.

Windows 10: Minimize app window.

Navigation Shortcut: Super+Left arrow

Ubuntu 18.04: View split window from the left side.

Windows 10: Snap app window left.

Navigation Shortcut: Super+Right arrow

Ubuntu 18.04: View split window from the right side.

Windows 10: Snap app window right.