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PCoIP Client Parameters

The following table outlines command line parameters that are available to use and customize:

Short Long                                                     Default Description
-? help Display help message. Set to false by default.
-v version Print version information. Set to false by default.
-u username Username sent to Connection Broker.
-p password Password sent to Connection Broker.
-d domain Domain sent to Connection Broker.
-b connection-broker Connection broker URL.
-l log-level Unset force log level (will override config/registry)
-w windowed False run inside a window.
-f fullscreen False run in full-screen mode. The default is to run in windowed mode.
-s security-mode Security mode.
- locale Set locale.
- disable-usb Disable USB.
- send-rel-mouse-on-mmb Send relative mouse events when the middle mouse button is pressed.
-h hard-host Hard host URL. This option is ignored if connection-broker is provided
quit-after-disconnect Do no re-enter the pre-session after leaving the in-session.
usb-auto-forward Auto-forward all non-HID devices.
vidpid-auto-forward String of VID, PID hex values separated by spaces.
vidpid-black-list Blocks specific VID,PIDs from autoforward regardless of whether the usb-auto-forward parameter or the USB dialog is used.