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System Requirements

The following table outlines the system requirements for the PCoIP Software Client for Linux:

System Version Required
PCoIP Software Client Operating Systems
  • Ubuntu Bionic Beaver 18.04
You can use an Ubuntu 18 container if you wish to run the client on another OS.
Compatible PCoIP agents All PCoIP agents and versions
Compatible PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards TERA22x0 with firmware 5.0.1+. The Software Clients are only compatible with the latest RWC firmware for brokered connections. Direct Connect will still work with older firmware versions. Customers may still connect to a non-brokered PCoIP Remote Workstation Card by connecting to the FQDN of the workstation instead of the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card.
Compatible PCoIP Host Software*
  • Host Software for Windows: 4.3.1+
  • Host Software for Linux: 4.7.0+

Remote Workstation Platforms

PCoIP Host Software must be installed on Remote Workstation machines to enable keyboard and mouse functionality.