Zero Client to Remote Workstation Card via 3rd Party Broker (WAN)

The figure below shows a zero client establishing a PCoIP session with a remote workstation card over a WAN with a 3rd party broker in the enterprise network acting as a connection server.

Note: All remote workstation card scenarios assume you have the PCoIP host software installed on the host PC or workstation. For details, please see “PCoIP® Host Software for Windows User Guide” (TER1008001) in the Teradici Support Documentation Center. Please refer to Connection Prerequisites for other conditions that may apply.

Tera2 Zero Client to Remote Workstation Card via 3rd Party Broker (WAN)

Note: If you are using Tera1 devices, you must first set up a hardware VPN to tunnel from the home device to the enterprise gateway in order for this scenario to work. See Zero Client to Remote Workstation Card Using a Hardware VPN for details.

To establish the connection:

  1. Configure the 3rd party broker to redirect traffic from the zero client to the remote workstation card. See documentation for the broker for details.
  2. From the zero client's AWI:
  3. From the remote workstation card's AWI:
  4. On your firewall or router, allow both TCP and UDP traffic on port 4172.
  1. Start a PCoIP session.
  2. If necessary, adjust bandwidth and image parameters on both the host and client to optimize performance.

For information on optimizing networks for WAN connections, please log in to the Teradici Support Site and see the following Knowledge Base topics: