Zero Client to Remote Workstation Card via Hardware VPN (WAN)

The figure below shows a PCoIP session between a zero client and remote workstation card over a hardware VPN.

Hardware VPN – Zero Client to Remote Workstation Card (WAN)

A VPN is necessary when connecting the following PCoIP endpoints over the Internet:

To establish the connection:

  1. At the home network, install a VPN endpoint device (e.g., a router) and establish a VPN session between the endpoint device and the enterprise VPN gateway. For information on how to set up the VPN, please see the documentation for your device.
  2. Configure the enterprise VPN gateway/firewall/NAT device to allow IPsec ESP traffic, and also traffic on UDP port 4172 for the PCoIP data stream and on TCP port 4172 for the TCP handshake.
  3. From the zero client's AWI:
  4. From the remote workstation card's AWI:
  1. Start a PCoIP session.
  2. If necessary, adjust bandwidth and image parameters on both the host and client to optimize performance.

For information on optimizing networks for WAN connections, please log in to the Teradici Support Site and see the following Knowledge Base topics: