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PCoIP Connection Brokers

PCoIP connection brokers are resource managers that dynamically assign host PCs to Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients based on the identity of the user establishing a connection from the Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client. Connection brokers are also used to allocate a pool of hosts to a group of Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients. If the Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients in a PCoIP deployment are configured to always connect to the same host (that is, a static one-to-one pairing), then a connection broker is not required.

For connecting clients and hosts, a number of third-party connection brokers support the PCoIP technology. For VDI implementations, the View Connection Server broker is used to connect Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients to VMware Horizon virtual desktops. You can also use the View Connection Server broker to connect PCoIP clients and host PCs.