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Appendix B: Tablets

PCoIP Zero Clients support locally terminating Wacom tablets when the PCoIP Zero Client is connecting to a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card installed in a Linux workstation that has PCoIP Host Software for Linux installed. Supported Wacom tablets require the correct firmware uploaded to the Zero Client as newer tablet models can be added to newer firmware releases. To ensure you have the most complete set of supported Wacom tablets, use the latest release of PCoIP Firmware.

In some networks users may notice a visible lag between the movement of the tablet stylus and the movement of the cursor. Using the the local tablet driver feature in the host software helps improve the user experience by reducing the effects of latency in some networks where network latency exceeds 25 ms. To activate this feature, check the Enable Local Tablet Driver located on the PCoIP Host Software Features tab .

Wacom tablets connected to PCoIP Zero Clients connecting to a PCoIP Remote Workstation Card installed in a Windows workstation, and tablets not listed in either of the supported tablets tables in this appendix will be bridged to the host PC.

Supported tablets

Each new firmware release may include support for newer tablets. Be sure to read the release notes of the zero client firmware being used to make sure your tablet is supported.

Supported tablets that use absolute co-ordinates while in-session and in the OSD

Description Model Product ID
Intuos Pro Medium PTH-660 0x0357
Intuos Pro Large PTH-860 0x0358

Supported tablets that use absolute co-ordinates while in-session and relative co-ordinates while in the OSD

Description Model Product ID
Cintiq DTK-2241 0x0057
Cintiq DTH-2242 0x0059
Cintiq 12WX DTZ-1201W 0x00C6
Cintiq 13HD DTK-1300 0x0304
Cintiq 13HD touch DTK-1300 0x0333
Cintiq 20WSX 0x00C5
Cintiq 21UX DTZ-2100 0x003F
Cintiq 21UX2 DTK-2100 0x00CC
Cintiq 22HD DTK-2200 0x00FA
Cintiq 22HDT DTH-2200 (pen) 0x005B
Cintiq 24HD DTK-2400 0x00F4
Cintiq 24HD touch DTH-2400 0x00F8
Cintiq 27QHD DTH-2400 0x032A
Cintiq 27QHD touch DTH-2400 0x032A
Intuos3 4x5 PTZ-430 0x00B0
Intuos3 6x8 PTZ-630 0x00B1
Intuos3 9x12 PTZ-930 0X00B2
Intuos3 12x12 PTZ-1230 0X00B3
Intuos3 12x19 PTZ-1231W 0X00B4
Intuos3 6x11 PTZ-631W 0X00B5
Intuos3 4x6 PTZ-431W 0X00B7
Intuos4 4x6 PTK-440 0X00B8
Intuos4 6x9 PTK-640 0X00B9
Intuos4 8x13 PTK-840 0X00BA
Intuos4 12x19 PTK-1240 0X00BB
Intuos4 WL 0X00BC
Intuos5 touch S 0X0026
Intuos5 touch M 0X0027
Intuos5 touch L 0X0028
Intuos5 S 0X0029
Intuos5 M 0X002A
Intuos Pro S PTH-451 0X0314
Intuos Pro M PTH-651, PTH-651/S 0X0315
Intuos Pro L PTH-851 0x0317
Intuos PT S 0x0302
Intuos PT M 0x0303
Intuos S 0x030E
Intuos P M 0x0323