Maximize your VDI or Cloud investment with PCoIP Zero Clients

With over three million PCoIP Zero Clients deployed around the world, Teradici has established a significant following, by offering a rich, ultra-secure, and superior desktop experience for office workers and power users alike. PCoIP Zero Clients are hardware-based endpoints that use a highly integrated, purpose-built processor to perform image decompression and decoding; so pixels are transmitted instead of data.


With no application operating system, driver, anti-virus, or codec updates required, PCoIP Zero Clients represent the easiest to manage endpoints ever invented. Both Tera2 and Alta PCoIP Zero Clients are available in a wide array of form factors from over 30 leading partners and are ready for use in under five minutes. They provide universal connectivity to multiple private, public and hybrid cloud environments including Amazon WorkSpaces, Teradici Cloud Access Software, PCoIP Remote Workstation solutions, and VMware Horizon. View all options

All brands of PCoIP Zero Clients can be efficiently configured and managed by Teradici’s PCoIP Management Console.

Delivers a Superior Desktop Experience

PCoIP Zero Clients are stateless endpoints that provide the highest quality user experience. And, compared with the price of a loaded desktop or laptop, they are far less expensive. With Teradici’s powerful hardware decode capabilities, PCoIP Zero Clients provide high resolution, full frame rate 3D graphics and high-definition media even over high-latency networks. The new member of the PCoIP Zero Client family ̶ Alta PCoIP Zero Clients offers integrated WiFi and meets the highest pixel throughput along with 4K UHD display resolution.

Ultra-Secure Endpoints

With PCoIP Zero Clients all application data remains locked down in the data center or cloud environment as only pixels are sent, not data. You can pair PCoIP Zero Clients with USB security authorization, a smart card or proximity card system or other single sign-on devices to comply with the highest security requirements.

Simplified Device Setup and Management

These easy-to-manage endpoints do not require operating system patches that can break applications or create downtime, and don’t have a general purpose CPU, local data storage or an application operating system – saving IT time.

Lower IT Costs

PCoIP Zero Clients are the most cost effective and the highest performance client available with an extended life span; radically reducing desktop provisioning costs. Ongoing management and maintenance costs are significantly less than traditional desktop PCs and thin client devices. And, the minimal hardware component reduces recycling costs.


Feature Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client (Dual) Alta PCoIP Zero Client (Dual) Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client (Quad)
Max number of displays 2 2 4
Processor Teradici TERA2321 Socionext SC1110 (PXiV) Teradici TERA2140
Maximum displays and resolution 1x 2560x1600
2x 1920x1200
2x 3840x2160
(4K UHD)
2x 2560x1600
4x 1920x1200
Display interfaces DP1.1a, DVI DP1.2, HDMI2.0 DP1.1a, DVI
USB redirection USB 2.0 USB 3.0 USB 2.0
Pixel performance Up to 130Mpps Up to 250Mpps Up to 250Mpps
Optional Native Wi-Fi
Native Form factors Desktop, All-in-One Desktop, All-in-One, Laptop Desktop, All-in-One
Customizable user interface
Connectivity Amazon WorkSpaces, Teradici Cloud Access Solutions, Teradici Remote Workstation Solutions, VMware Horizon
Audio Bi-directional stereo Bi-directional stereo
5.1 audio over HDMI capable
Bi-directional stereo
Touchscreen capabilities Single-touch Multi-touch capable Single-touch
Typical system power 6W 6-9W 12W

Note: Alta support for PCoIP Workstation Card is expected in 2H 2017



Solution Briefs


Case Studies


    Moulton College

    deploys Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator with Zero Clients to deliver flawless video performance. read more


    Fort Smith Police Department

    equipping law enforcement with VDI & video-optimized PCoIP Zero Clients. read more


    Yale-New Haven Health System

    gains rapid WiFi access of desktops on PCoIP Optimized Thin Clients. read more


    Municipal IT Teams

    deploy flexible, efficient VDI, PCoIP Zero Client Desktops in local region. read more


    Tungsten Revenue

    easy-to-deploy PCoIP Zero Clients and Softphones optimize call center operations. read more


    Fairfield Energy

    VDI, PCoIP, and GPU technology enables anywhere access to desktops, oil & gas applications. read more


    Major Global Bank

    PCoIP technology transforms trading floor into more agile, secure, collaborative workspaces. read more


    Construction Industry Solution Provider

    PCoIP Zero Clients, Hardware Accelerators, & GPUs match graphic-intensive workloads for 2D/3D CAD. read more


    NATO Operations in Northern Europe

    rely on Secure, Resilient PCoIP Zero Clients. read more


    Lewiston Library

    offers patrons quiet, high-performance Zero Clients and Virtual Desktops. read more

    Fortune 500 Energy and Utilities Company

    deploys zero clients for exceptional performance, IT simplicity. read more

    Civil Service Superannuation Board

    streamlines operations, increases user satisfaction with VDI, zero clients. read more

    Integris Credit Union

    PCoIP Hardware Accelerator improves video for trainees. read more

    University of Massachusetts Lowell

    transforms labs & learning with virtual infrastructure and zero clients. read more

    University of Arkansas

    converts student labs to zero clients. read more

    University of South Carolina Upstate

    embraces zero clients for innovative, flexible learning model. read more

    Hatco Corporation

    lowers OPEX with secure zero clients and virtual desktops. read more

    Village Green Virtual Charter School

    Zero Clients & PCoIP Hardware Accelerator scale audio-video learning for school-wide delivery. read more

    Bartholomew County

    simplifies IT management with PCoIP Zero Clients. read more

    Ministry of Education, Malaysia

    bridges digital divide with virtual desktops. read more

    Omgevingsdienst Zuidoost–Brabant (ODZOB)

    exceeds employee expectations with virtual desktop deployment. read more

    DER Reisebüro travel agency

    delivering high-quality, secure, and cost-effective travel services with PCoIP. read more

    Thomas Jefferson School of Law

    personalized education taken to a new level with PCoIP. read more


    delivers a LAN-like end-user experience to employees. read more

    North Kansas City Hospital

    delivers secure, point-of-care computer access - anytime, anywhere. read more



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  • hospital-cs-160x90

    Our goal from the start was to be able to manage endpoints more easily. With Teradici PCoIP technology, we have met that goal and can better support the healthcare providers.

    David Franco
    Yale-New Haven Health

    Learn more

  • police-city-ft-smith-160x90

    “…the administration and reliability of PCoIP Zero Clients has been incredible and allowed us to decrease response time on issues and enhance the desktop experience.”

    Jared Barnes
    Network Administrator
    Fort Smith Police Department

    Learn more

  • nec-logo-160x90

    “Employees don’t have to worry about locking doors or removing and locking up hard drives.”

    Jan-Arve Hansen
    IT Architect
    NEC CCIS System Support Center (SSC)
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

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