Simplify and Save with PCoIP Zero Clients:
Down Size the End Point

Replace complex desktops, laptops, tablets and phones with an amazingly simple PCoIP-powered zero client.


PCoIP Zero Clients

Many of the top equipment manufacturers have embedded PCoIP processors into their end-point, zero client hardware. With the single purpose of image decompression and decoding, the PCoIP processor eliminates endpoint hard drives, graphic processors, operating systems, applications and security software. With no operating systems, no codecs and no software to maintain, zero clients represent the easiest to manage endpoints ever invented. 

Run for Less

PCoIP Zero Clients provide the highest quality user experience. And, compared with the price of a loaded desktop or laptop, they are far less expensive. Simple, small footprint zero clients will also last years longer than any OS-driven device because there is nothing to upgrade.

PCoIP Zero Clients even reduce operating costs, including power, cooling and space consumption. Some use power over Ethernet for plug and play convenience and infrastructure cost savings.

Simplify Device Setup and Maintenance

Most manufacturers’ zero client units are plug-and-play -- ready for use in under five minutes with network access and VMware Horizon View, VMware Horizon DaaS, Amazon WorkSpaces, or PCoIP Remote Workstations.

PCoIP Zero Clients do not require applications, patches, service updates, operating systems or antivirus software.

Protect Data and Applications

All application data remains locked down in the data center. PCoIP Zero Clients simply receive and decode encrypted image information, and are immune to viral attack. No sensitive application data ever reaches the endpoint, zero clients do not store any application data. The encryption module uses AES 256 and NSA Suite B cyphers.

Pair PCoIP Zero Clients with USB security authorization, a smart card or proximity card system or other single sign-on devices to comply with the highest security requirements including 802.1x network authentication.


PCoIP Zero Clients
  TERA2321 zero client TERA2140 zero client
Max number of displays 2 4
Teradici processor TERA2321 TERA2140
Common form factors Standalone, integrated monitor, touch screens, IP phone, PoE devices
Imaging performance up to 50 Mpps (VDI)
up to 130 Mpps (WS)*
up to 50 Mpps (VDI)
up to 250 Mpps (WS)*
Max resolution 1x 2560x1600,
2x 1920x1200
2x 2560x1600,
4x 1920x1200
Video output configurations 2x DP,
1x DVI-I + 1x DVI-D,
1x DVI-DL with adapter,
1x DVI-I + 1x DP
4x DVI-D,
2x DVI-DL with adapters,
4x DP
Ethernet 10/100/GigE or optional fiber
USB 4x USB 2.0 4x USB 2.0
Audio Full 16-bit stereo, 48 KHz sample rate, Audio out + Headphone out, Mic in
Power management Full wake on LAN and wake on USB Full wake on LAN and wake on USB
Typical system power 6W 12W
Memory 512 MB DDR3 512 MB DDR3
Encryption AES-128/AES-256
Suite B Ciphers (WS)
Suite B Ciphers (WS)


*(WS) Workstation: when used in conjunction with PCoIP hardware host solution



Case Studies


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    Civil Service Superannuation Board

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    Village Green Virtual Charter School

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    Bartholomew County

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    Ministry of Education, Malaysia

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    Omgevingsdienst Zuidoost–Brabant (ODZOB)

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    DER Reisebüro travel agency

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    Thomas Jefferson School of Law

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    North Kansas City Hospital

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  • More questions? Teradici is here to help.

  • bank-cs-160x90

    “By switching out PCs for PCoIP Zero Clients, the bank is now on a path towards further reductions in total cost of ownership.”

    John Beglan
    Chief Operating Officer
    Amulet Hotkey

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  • nec-logo-160x90

    “Employees don’t have to worry about locking doors or removing and locking up hard drives.”

    Jan-Arve Hansen
    IT Architect
    NEC CCIS System Support Center (SSC)
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

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  • “I recommend it [Teradici PCoIP technology] to anyone who needs a consistent desktop presence for their users, and an easy-to-manage user experience.”

    Remco Rinzema,
    Manager, ICT,
    Omgevingsdienst Zuidoost–Brabant

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  • “The Ministry’s [of Education, Malaysia] investment in virtual desktops will pay off in a very bright future for the nation’s school children.”

    Dato’Amirul Rahman Bin Abdul Rahim,
    Executive Chairman,
    Bitara Induk

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  • ““…doctors, nurses and clinicians can roam from location to location without the hassle of closing down EMR applications or logging in and out.”

    Art Fisk,
    North Kansas City Hospital

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  • “[It’s] easy to deploy, especially in the case of the Pivot3 appliance and Teradici-powered zero clients. It’s quick to plug it all in…it just works.”

    David Appleton,
    IT Manager,
    The Hurlingham Club

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  • hatco logo

    “We can give our employees encrypted and secure access to our servers and workstations in a way that is very versatile and flexible for our business.”

    Aaron Bolthouse,
    Manager – IT Infrastructure,
    Hatco Corporation

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  • “VDI and zero clients have been a very positive wave of change throughout our operation, and it’s made us rethink how we can deliver services in the future.”

    Bruce Mager,
    Senior IT Architect,
    The Civil Service Superannuation Board,
    Manitoba, Canada

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