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Connecting to a Remote Endpoint

The remote endpoint must be configured with the external address of the reverse proxy. Depending on the configuration of the PCoIP Zero Client this can be done by either configuring and uploading the required certificates onto the PCoIP Zero Client via the AWI, or by creating an external DNS entry for the Reverse Proxy server via the PCoIP Zero Client OSD.

Connecting Management Console to a Remote Endpoint from the Endpoint OSD

This is the recommended method which requires the OSD be accessible and the end user knows the password, and that there is a properly configured corporate public facing DNS server that will provide the address and the SHA256 certificate fingerprint of the reverse proxy to the endpoint. (Configuring DNS for Reverse Proxy)

  1. From your PCoIP Zero Client OSD, navigate to Options > Configuration > Network.

  2. Unlock your PCoIP Zero Client and un-check Enable DHCP (do not modify any other information)

  3. In the Domain Name field enter the domain name of the domain you created the DNS entry in.

  4. Select OK, you will be prompted to reset the PCoIP Zero Client, select Reset to restart your PCoIP Zero Client.

The PCoIP Zero Client will restart and it will reach out to the specified domain name based on your recently configured DNS SRV and DNS TXT records which will reach your configured reverse proxy server. The reverse proxy server will pass the connection to the PCoIP Management Console. The PCoIP Zero Client will now show up in your Ungrouped devices tab after a short period of time. This can be verified by viewing the management page from the OSD screen by navigating to Options > Configuration > Management.

Connecting Management Console to a Remote Endpoint from the Endpoint AWI

This method is done from the endpoint and requires the AWI be enabled, accessible, and the user knows the AWI password.

  1. Install the certificate of the reverse proxy into the endpoint via the AWI Certificate Upload page by browsing to Upload > Certificate.

    Reverse Proxy Certificate

    Typically this is the trusted root certificate for the reverse proxy.

  2. Browse to Configuration > Management and set the Manager Discovery Mode to Manual.

  3. Enter the address of the reverse proxy in the Endpoint Bootstrap Manager URI field. (i.e. wss://

  4. Click Apply to save your changes and Continue to see the management connection status.