Installing the Remote Workstation Card Software for Windows

It is strongly recommended that you install the version of Remote Workstation Card Software that is released with the version of the firmware loaded on the Remote Workstation Card and PCoIP Zero Client.

Cannot run installer while connected using a soft client

As an administrator, you cannot run the Remote Workstation Card Software installer while connected to a host system using a soft client. The local cursor feature is disabled during the installation process. This disables the user’s keyboard and mouse, and prevents the user from completing the installation process.

Before you install the software, you must enable the Host Driver Function on the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card.

Enabling Host Driver Function

To enable the Host Driver Function on the PCoIP Remote Workstation Card:

  1. Open a web browser on a PC or workstation connected to the same network as the Remote Workstation Card and log in to the Remote Workstation Card’s AWI.

  2. From the Configuration menu, select Host Driver Function.

    Host Driver Function

  3. Check the Enable Host Driver Function option and click Apply. A prompt appears to indicate the host PCoIP processor must be reset.

  4. Click Reset and then click OK to schedule a deferred reset.

  5. Restart the PCoIP host by restarting the PC or workstation.

  6. After the workstations reboots, log into the PC.

  7. If a Found Hardware dialog appears after logging into Windows, click Cancel.

Installing Remote Workstation Card Software

The Remote Workstation Card Software for Windows is provided as a .msi file or Windows installation package. You must have administrative rights to install the software.

You can run the installer by:

  • Connecting to the host PC using RDP or a similar remote control application.

  • Connecting to the host using a zero client in a non-VMware View brokered environment.

  • Connecting a monitor, keyboard, and mouse directly to the host PC.

To install the software:

  1. Double-click the installer file. The welcome screen appears, similar to the example shown next.

    Wizard Welcome Screen

  2. If a previous version of the remote workstation card software is installed, a confirmation dialog will be displayed. Click Yes to continue.

    Wizard Upgrade Screen

  3. Review and accept the terms of the End User License Agreement and click Next to proceed.

    Wizard License Screen

  4. Accept the default installation path or click Change to set a custom path. Click Next to proceed.

  5. Click Install to start the installation process.

    Wizard License Screen

  6. During the installation process, the installer might need to reboot. If so, click OK or Yes to reboot the host PC. After rebooting, the installer continues the installation.

  7. When the installation is complete, click Finish.

    Wizard License Screen

Error during installation

If you experience issues during installation, rerun the Setup Wizard or reboot the workstation and try again.