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What's New in This Release

  • Federated Authentication: In Federated Authentication, the user is presented with their configured IDP login in the PCoIP client. Once the user logs in with their IDP credentials, they need to log in once more at the desktop of the Workstation with their domain/network credentials. This capability requires a compatible third-party broker, a configuration of the CMSG, and PCoIP Clients at release 23.01 or later. For more information, see Federated Authentication Overview.

  • (Beta) Single Sign-On for Federated Authentication: Beta support for single sign-on for federated authentication. This capability requires users to only authenticate once with their IDP credentials at the PCoIP client and allows users to seamlessly login to the desktop of the Workstation. This feature requires the configuration of a third-party broker that supports federated user authentication, a configuration of the CMSG, PCoIP Clients at release 23.01 or higher, and Windows PCoIP Agents at release 23.01 or later. For more information, see Single Sign-On Overview.

  • Updated EULA: Updated the software use license terms; by installing and using these updates you agree and accept the new license terms. For more information, see HP Anyware End User License Agreement.

Note: Upgrading from releases older than 22.01

If you are coming from releases prior to 22.01, please carefully review this documentation. The application's architecture changed significantly with release 22.01; upgrading may require a machine with different specifications.