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Mission Control in PCoIP Sessions

macOS provides a number of methods for activating Mission Control. Some of these methods are reserved by the Software Client for macOS to allow local use of Mission Control, and others are forwarded to the remote desktop, where the remote macOS system can use them.

The following table describes which key combinations and gestures are reserved by the local client machine and which are sent to the remote host. These are the default invokation methods; if keys or gestures have been remapped, use the modified equivalent.

All local methods invoke Mission Control on the client Mac, and all remote methods invoke it on the remote macOS host.

Activation Method Local or Remote
Mission Control
Press Mission Control key on a keyboard with a Mac layout (normally F3) Local
Swipe up with three or four fingers on an Apple Trackpad. Local
Double-tap an Apple Magic Mouse with two fingers Local
Select Local Mission Control from the Software Client for macOS menu bar,
or press Ctrl++M
Press ctrl+ on keyboard Remote
Press +Space, type Mission Control and press return (while in-session) Remote

Mission Control commands and gestures have no effect on Windows or Linux desktops.