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Wacom Tablet Support

The Software Client for Mac supports Wacom tablets in a bridged configuration, where peripheral data is sent to the desktop for processing.

Remote USB Device Support

If a pointer type USB device, for example wacom tablets, mouse, or stylus device, is remoted, you need to grant computer control to enable it to rendor and move the cursor. You can enable this through the Preferences>Security & Privacy>Privacy>Accessibility location on your system settings.

Bridged Wacom Tablets

Bridged Wacom tablets are supported only in low-latency environments. Tablets in network environments with greater than 25ms latency will show reduced responsiveness and are not recommended.

The following Wacom tablet models have been tested and are supported on a PCoIP Software Client for Mac.

PCoIP client support for bridged Wacom tablets and the Software Client for Mac

PCoIP Standard Agent for Linux PCoIP Graphics Agent for Linux PCoIP Standard Agent for Windows PCoIP Graphics Agent for Windows PCoIP Remote Workstation Card
Intuos Pro Small
Intuos Pro Medium
Intuos Pro Large
Cintiq 22HD
Cintiq Pro 24
Cintiq 22HDT - Pen & Touch
* * * *
Cintiq Pro 24 - Pen & Touch
* * * *
Cintiq Pro 32 - Pen & Touch

*These Wacom models have not been tested by Teradici.

Other Wacom tablets may work, but have not been tested.

Wacom Tablet Pressure Sensitivity

The PCoIP Software Client for macOS may encounter issues with Wacom pressure sensitivity. This is as a USB handling restriction on macOS Catalina. It occurs when you want to load the USB Kernel Extension at session start up. The following workaround can be used on OSX Catalina to enable kext (Kernel extension) specifically:

  1. Run the following command:
    sudo kextload /Applications/
  2. You will receive the following error:
    /Applications/ failed to load - (libkern/kext) system policy prevents loading; check the system/kernel logs for errors or try kextutil(8)`
  3. Open your System Preferences.
  4. Select Security and Privacy.
  5. Select the General tab and you will be asked to approve the kext from Teradici.
  6. Approve the kext and the device will be visible and available as a connection in the client.