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What's New in This Release

The PCoIP Software Client for macOS 19.11 introduces the following features and enhancements:

Improved Audio Input Bandwidth

PCoIP monitors the bandwidth available for audio and selects the audio compression algorithm that provides the best quality possible for the available bandwidth. Previously PCoIP endpoints use the Opus audio codec for audio output only, now this codec is available for audio input. By using the OPUS codec for audio input, high quality audio recording is possible even when bandwidth is limited.

Enhanced Security and Stability

This release contains improvements and enhancements around the security and stability of the Software Client for Mac.

PCoIP Ultra

This release contains improved support for PCoIP Ultra, our latest PCoIP protocol enhancements. This is an evolving feature that will continually improve with each release. For more information see the PCoIP Agent documentation.

Auto-Forward USB Devices

This release enables USB devices to be automatically redirected to the remote desktop on connection. Either all devices can be forwarded or a set of devices specified by VID/PID.