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H.264 Hardware Decode

The Anyware Software Client for Linux supports H.264 hardware decode for selected hardware configurations on supported hardware platforms by using the Anyware Client to enable the decode. This enables improved frame rate performance when using PCoIP Ultra GPU-Offload or Auto-Offload, especially in conjunction with high resolution content. This feature must be used in combination with the High Performance Client and enabled and invoked with --use-egl. Hardware decoding is only supported for Chroma subsampled H.264 encoded data which is a Anyware Agent configuration setting, which is only supported on the Graphics Agent for Windows or Graphics Agent for Linux. To enable the decode functionality on the Anyware Client edit the file ~/.pcoip.rc and add the following line:

pcoip.enable_hw_h264 = 1

Intel Integrated Graphics Recommended

Currently the Anyware Client does not support H.264 hardware decoding functions on NVIDIA graphics cards. HP recommends endpoint devices configured with integrated Intel UHD graphics. Hardware decoding will only work if the graphics driver on the client computer supports the VAAPI.