Cloud Access Software

Teradici Cloud Access Software is the leading solution for enterprises to easily move Windows or Linux client applications to the public cloud. Built on trusted PCoIP® technology, Cloud Access Software delivers the highest security and user experience with total cloud independence.

What our customers are saying

Deliver Graphics-Intensive Applications from the Cloud

Leverage public cloud GPU instances to confidently lift and shift the most graphics-intensive Windows or Linux applications to the public cloud. Cloud Access Software eliminates the large data transfers required between physical workstations, providing quick access and responsive 3D visualization, while improving security and reducing costs.

Migrate Applications and Workloads Without Costly Re-writes

Cloud Access Software simplifies the process of migrating legacy or proprietary applications to the cloud by eliminating the need to re-write or re-engineer those applications. Whether using an application for creating realistic surfaces, analyzing seismic models or accessing your entire workspace, Cloud Access Software enables users to access their familiar applications and workspaces anywhere, any time.

Take Advantage of Cloud Flexibility

All the computing power and storage flexibility you will ever need is available in the cloud. Teradici Cloud Access Software can help you harness this power, scale resources, and leverage global talent. Enterprises can scale to the cloud as business needs require while providing a consistent user experience across geographically dispersed teams.

Supported operating systems Windows
Windows 10 64-bit
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows Server 2016
(Single User Session)
Windows Server 2008 R2
(Single User Session)
RHEL 7.2
CentOS 7.2
Ubuntu LTS 16.04
Public Cloud Compatibility Amazon Web Services including EC2/G2
Microsoft Azure, including NV-series (Windows only)
Google Cloud Platform (coming soon)
Data Center Compatibility VMware ESXi (6.0+)
Compatible clients Teradici PCoIP Software Clients for Mac, Windows or Chrome OS
PCoIP Mobile Clients for iOS and Android tablets
PCoIP Zero Clients running FW 5.1 or later
Max display resolution Up to 4 monitors at up to 4K UHD resolution
(dependent on capabilities of GPU card and compatible PCoIP end points)
GPU compatibility for Graphics Edition NVIDIA GRID-compatible GPUs
AMD FirePro™ GPU (technology preview)

Both Editions support Windows and Linux platforms:

  • Compatible with Windows Client OS (Windows 7, 10) and Server OS (Server 2016 and 2008 R2)
  • Linux RHEL7, CentOS 7.2 and Ubuntu LTS 16.04

Graphics Edition supports GPU-accelerated cloud workloads for graphics-intensive applications for industries like: Media & Entertainment, Aerospace, Automobile, and Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

Standard Edition is for migrating non-graphics desktops, workloads and applications (mainstream and core business apps and solutions) to the cloud

Both editions are compatible with a broad range of PCoIP compatible end points, including PCoIP Zero clients.

We offer 60-day free trial. Please visit our website HERE.

During the trial period, potential customers can access our PCoIP Community Forum or have a look at our extensive KB articles on our support site.

Cloud Access Software is offered at annual user based subscription pricing as follows:

  • Graphics Edition is $240 per user/year
  • Standard Edition is $100 per user/year

You can buy directly from our website HERE.
We are also working on bringing up new channels starting in February 2017.

Cloud Access software is optimized on GRID compatible GPUs and corresponding drivers. Not using this driver version, even with a GRID compatible GPU, can result in performance and stability issues.

Teradici highly recommend customers to update to the drivers version suggested in the Administrator’s Guide available HERE.

Cloud Access Software is supported on Amazon Web Services (including EC2/G2), Microsoft Azure (including NV-series), Google Cloud Platform (coming soon).

PCoIP Zero Clients, Teradici Software Clients for Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, PCoIP Mobile Clients for iOS and Android tablets.

Cloud Access Software support up to 4 monitors, at resolution of up to 4k UHD. For best user experience, we recommend the use of Nvidia GRID compatible GPU (Please refer to page 11 in this Administrator’s Guide).

Information can be found on the Architecture Guide, available for free download from HERE. Depending on the type of workload, bandwidth requirements range from a few hundred Kb/s to a few ten of Mb/s.

To simplify scaling, provisioning and brokering of PCoIP connections between users and resources you will likely require a connection broker . We recommend to use our broker partner solutions that are part of the Teradici Technology Partner Program, including Leostream.

Cloud Access Software is available for
Windows and Linux environments

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