Secure remote workstation solution
for users with graphically-intensive apps

PCoIP Remote Workstation

Meet the needs of professionals who work with graphically demanding applications and expect the highest in performance.

Teradici's powerful Remote Workstation makes it possible for IT managers to provide access to Windows or Linux workstations anytime, anywhere.

PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards plug in to any PCIe compliant slot to turn that machine into a pixel center. On the user end, a powerful, yet sleek zero client displays the broadcast pixels.


Create a Superior End User Experience

Harness the power of high-end towers, blade servers or rack workstations by converting them into a workstation that delivers high-end images to any remote location.

Power-users can connect to their workstation remotely with a PCoIP Zero Client and experience the high performance workspace necessary to their productivity, or a Teradici Software Client when working from home or on the go.

Users can work with visuals rendering at 250 mega pixels per second driving 2560x1600 resolution screens with refresh rates of up to 60 frames per second. This means no waiting forever for a change to render, no jaggies or bit-mappy images.

Protect Sensitive Information with Ultra-High Security

Safeguard proprietary information. The PCoIP Remote Workstation Solution encrypts pixel transfers with advanced security algorithms including AES-256 and NSA Suite B cryptography -- used by governments to protect classified information.

Whether you are accessing VFX files you don’t want leaked before premier night or sharing secret information between government departments, these standards ensure protected, secure image transmission.

Facilitate Mobility and Collaboration

Provide unparalleled computing services for people working in teams. Easily setup remote offices without having to configure full-scale onsite workstations for every user.

Set the workstation up at a worksite, or secure it in your data center. Either way, users can connect to it and collaborate on projects from an adjacent room, from home or from across the country.

Simple Setup

The PCoIP Remote Workstation card is implemented in a PCIe form factor that simply plugs into the workstation, connects to the graphics card, and securely streams pixels, audio and USB over your network. Connect Zero Clients directly, or broker them using VMware or Leostream, to permit access to the remote workstation anytime, anywhere.

Support & Maintenance

Teradici’s Product Support & Maintenance offering provides customers with defined service levels and 24x7 support for severity 1 issues. With a Teradici Support & Maintenance, your business will be protected from disruption and downtime while maximizing IT productivity with access to the latest software upgrades and updates. Contact your reseller for more details.


Remote Workstation Solutions
  Quad Display Dual Display
Max number of displays 4 2
Teradici PCoIP processor TERA2240 TERA2220
Common PCIe form factors PCIe x1, FHHL PCIe x1, Low Profile
Imaging performance up to 250 Mpps up to 130 Mpps
Max resolution 2x 2560x1600 or
4x 1920x1200
1x 2560x1600 or
2x 1920x1200
Max application frame rate
(with PCoIP zero client)
60 fps 60 fps
PCIe video ports
(connect to GPU outputs)
4x miniDP 2x miniDP
Video port cables miniDP to DP (included), miniDP to DVI (optional)
Ethernet 10/100/GigE or optional fibre
Audio Full 16-bit stereo, 48 KHz sample rate audio
Power management Full wake on LAN and wake on USB Full wake on LAN and wake on USB
Typical system power 13 W 13 W
Memory 512 MB DDR3 with ECC 512 MB DDR3 with ECC
Encryption AES-128/AES-256
Suite B Ciphers
Suite B Ciphers
OS Supported Windows (including ver. 10 with host software 4.2.2) and Linux
Compatible end points PCoIP Zero Client, Teradici PCoIP Software Client for Mac or Windows
Recommended Software Clients for added flexibility and portability (Single display) PCoIP Software Client for Mac or Windows, Ver 1.0

*USB devices like webcams and DVD writers use USB1.1 isochronous transfer mode.

Systems Requirements (for standard PCIe form factor)
  • PCI Express x1 compatible card slot Full Height, Half Length (FHHL) for TERA2240, Low Profile for TERA2220
  • PC/workstation with 1 or 2 graphics cards
  • For 2560x1600 resolution, graphics card port must be DisplayPort (dual-link DVI is not supported)


Case Studies


    Fairfield Energy

    VDI, PCoIP, and GPU technology enables anywhere access to desktops, oil & gas applications. read more


    Offshore Simulator Centre

    PCoIP Remote Workstation solution powers immersive environment for offshore operations simulators. read more


    Binghamton University

    students get anytime-anywhere access to high-end apps with PCoIP Remote Workstations. read more


    Hatco Corporation

    lowers OPEX with secure zero clients and virtual desktops. read more

    Industrial Light & Magic

    equips creative professionals with full- fidelity remote computing. read more

    MTU Aero Engines

    gives remote engineers low-latency access to linux-hosted CAD/CAE and databases. read more

    Toyota Motorsport

    boosting productivity in a secure, high-end CAD/CAM/CAE environment. read more

    Florida Atlantic University

    enabling the highest quality virtual workspace experience with the lowest IT maintenance costs. read more

    Zoic Studios

    instantly mobilizes teams, increases security and creates a better studio environment. read more



Solution Briefs




Remote Workstation Solutions Technical Resources


  • What is a TERA1202/2220/2240 host processor?

  • What types of products use the Teradici host processor?

  • What are some common use case examples for the host card?

  • What workstations are supported?

  • What graphics cards (GPU’s) are supported?

  • What clients can connect to a PCoIP host card?

  • What are some of the benefits our customers tell us about?

  • What performance can be expected?

  • What bandwidth is required?

  • What USB speeds are supported?

  • Is a broker required (software used to manage user authentication and access)?

  • Can the host card be accessed from the WAN?

  • What latencies between the workstation and desktop are supported?

  • What optional tools are available to the IT manager?

  • What OSs are supported for a PCIe host card and the optional Host Software?

  • Why choose Teradici, and what alternatives to the host card are there?

  • What is the difference between a TERA2220 and TERA2240 based host?

  • Can you mix and match TERA 1 and TERA 2 hosts & zero clients?

  • How easy is a PCIe PCoIP Host Card to install and setup?

  • Great stuff. Where can I buy one?

  • More questions? Teradici is here to help.

  • “…remote users are happy with the Remote Workstation Solution with true zero clients. Management is happy we no longer have to rely on a single-vendor (OEM) solution.”

    Dr. Stefan Graswald,
    Director, Engineering Systems,
    MTU Aero Engines AG

    Learn more

  • binghamton-160x90

    “PCoIP technology lets them [students] have access to high-performance workstations anywhere, anytime.”

    Philip Valenta
    System Administrator
    Binghamton University

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  • “…our artists can achieve 100% color matching and take advantage of full-HD, lossless imaging over affordable IP networks.”

    Kevin Clark,
    Director of Engineering,
    Industrial Light & Magic

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  • “…PCoIP Remote Workstation solution simplified our daily activities….we’re able to respond faster to changes required by faculty, students and staff.”

    Mahesh Neelakanta,
    Director of IT,
    Florida Atlantic University

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  • “They were pretty amazed because they couldn’t tell the difference at all [long distance remoting over the WAN between studio locations].”

    Saker Klippsten,
    Head of Engineering,
    Zoic Studios

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  • “…our workstations are more secure and flexible, providing an increased level of IT support, better efficiency and productivity for our staff.”

    Per Nordqvist,
    IT Service Delivery Manager,
    Toyota Motorsport, GmbH

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  • hatco logo

    “We can give our employees encrypted and secure access to our servers and workstations in a way that is very versatile and flexible for our business.”

    Aaron Bolthouse,
    Manager – IT Infrastructure,
    Hatco Corporation

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  • “…our workstations are more secure and flexible, providing an increased level of IT support, better efficiency and productivity for our staff.”

    Per Nordqvist,
    IT Service Delivery Manager,
    Toyota Motorsport, GmBH

    Learn more