Desktop Virtualization Infrastructure - VDI
Take the Desktop off the Desktop

VMware Horizon View

Teradici has worked closely with VMware engineers to integrate PCoIP into the industry-leading VMware Horizon View desktop virtualization solution.

Implemented in thousands of enterprises across the globe, VMware Horizon View frees end-user applications from a physical computer. Instead, individual ‘desktops’ reside in your datacenter and end-users access their desktop remotely with an end-point thin client or zero client device.

Design with Maximum Flexibility

One size does not fit all. Not everyone needs an XL computing experience, but some people do. VMware Horizon View with PCoIP delivers the richest, most flexible and adaptive experience for end-users under a variety of network conditions. Combine zero clients with optimized thin clients or remote workstations to design a VDI that works for every user.

Preserve Resources

VMware Horizon View, with PCoIP embedded, dynamically adjusts to changing network conditions to deliver optimal user experiences across your LAN or WAN. Combined with the PCoIP Hardware Accelerator there is no better way to deliver on the promise of VDI and provide users with uncompromised quality.

Secure Data without the Hassle of a VPN

In addition to all the security features inherent in a central computing model, VMware Horizon View includes connection server and security server capabilities that secure data transit through the corporate firewall. This allows you to run secure PCoIP sessions across a wide area network without a virtual private network.

VMware Horizon 6

Extend the Power of Desktop and Application Virtualization

New PCoIP Enhancements in VMware Horizon 6 include Microsoft RDS desktop and application delivery support using the PCoIP protocol.
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