Teradici All Access

Exclusive access to software, support and resources from the inventors of PCoIP® technology

Introducing our new All Access plans

A complete set of remoting solutions for knowledge workers and power users across a wide range of vertical markets. Built on trusted PCoIP technology, our All Access solutions deliver the most secure access to workloads from any endpoint. Compatible with public clouds, hybrid and on-premises environments, customers can count on Teradici to provide consistent, high-fidelity user experiences across geographically dispersed teams - even for those using graphics-intensive applications.

Introductory Discount
Desktop Access

For VMware Horizon or Amazon WorkSpaces users, and PCoIP Zero Client and Management Console Enterprise administrators.

$ 1.50 /month*

$30 $18 per 1-year term, paid up front

Cloud Access

Deliver Windows or Linux workloads from the cloud or your data center.

$ 10 /month*

$120 per 1-year term, paid up front

Cloud Access +

Deliver graphics-intensive Windows or Linux applications from the cloud or your data center.

$ 20 /month*

$240 per 1-year term, paid up front

Introductory Discount
Workstation Access

For PCoIP Remote Workstation Card users with graphics-intensive applications.

$ 12 /month*

$240 $144 per 1-year term, paid up front

Save additional 20% on three-year subscriptions

*Above pricing for Teradici All Access subscriptions is subject to an end user license agreement by and between the parties. Teradici is offering a 40% introductory discount off the list price for Desktop Access and Workstation Access that will be valid through January 31, 2018. This price list may be amended by Teradici at any time.

All Access Plans Compared
  • Management Console Enterprise license
  • PCoIP Zero Client updates
  • 24x7 support
  • Exclusive resources webinars, knowledge base, training videos, downloads, tools
  • Access from zero client
  • Access from software clients Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Chrome OS endpoint support
  • Windows host OS
  • Linux host OS
  • Concurrent user license
  • 3 Cloud Access Software evaluation licenses (valid for 1 year)
  • Cloud Access Software Standard license
  • Cloud Access Software Graphics license (with GPU support)
  • PCoIP Remote Workstation Card updates

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Teradici Professional Services

Join over 10 millions users benefitting from Teradici PCoIP technology. Test drive the most secure remoting protocol for your business applications and workloads, or explore our lineup of solutions for businesses.

All Access FAQs

We are making this change to provide comprehensive bundles for existing and new PCoIP customers. These bundles include software, support, resources, and cloud-ready options to help customers manage, optimize and future-proof their deployments. Additionally, All Access will enable Teradici to provide support and deliver more features and updates that are in high demand by our subscribers.

All Access is intended for Cloud Access Software, PCoIP Zero Client, Management Console and Remote Workstation Card users, existing and new. All Access allows subscribers to choose any cloud provider or on-premises data center environment from providers such as Amazon, Microsoft, Google and VMware to host their applications and workloads, and access them from any endpoint via the PCoIP protocol. Teradici All Access can be used to securely deliver remote VFX workflows, virtual CAD workstations, healthcare VDI, centralized training centers, Linux development environments in the cloud and other great remote user experiences. Each cloud-ready solution brings business-critical 24x7 support and updates that cover security and feature pack updates.

Teradici continues to update the PCoIP protocol with enhancements like quad monitor 4K UHD, flexible topology, multi-threading support, GPU optimizations on AWS, Azure and GCP and much more. The latest enhancements are available today with Cloud Access and Cloud Access Plus.

Yes, please contact our sales team for an All Access trial, which provides a trial license of PCoIP Management Console Enterprise. The trial product will revert to PCoIP Management Console Free at the end of the trial period.

Management Console Free allows for manual management of up to 100 endpoints.

Only critical firmware updates for PCoIP Zero Clients will be made available to unlicensed customers (Firmware release 5.x).

Firmware updates for PCoIP Zero Clients are available for download on techsupport.teradici.com.

Workstation Access is a new subscription plan that includes a license for Remote Workstation Card firmware, Zero Client firmware and Management Console. Teradici Workstation Access Software no longer exists and has been replaced with the newer Cloud Access Plus which delivers the most advanced capabilities for graphics-intensive applications.

Teradici has received input from end customers and partners who continue to enjoy the simplicity, performance and security of Tera2 based Zero Clients. As a result, we have decided not to introduce the Alta Zero Client and instead focus on enhancing the feature set of the existing Tera2 Zero Clients that millions of users around the world are using. We will be introducing new features like 4K UHD, additional smart card support and more on Tera2 Zero Clients. While we work on defining our future endpoint roadmap, be assured that we will continue to invest in Tera2 Zero Clients as part of the Desktop Access bundle.

VMware continues to be committed to supporting over 10 million PCoIP customers world wide, while also offering alternative solutions to their customers. This has been reflected in their messaging for a while now, including within the recent Horizon 7.2 release documentation. Teradici PCoIP continues to be the leading protocol that millions of customers enjoy and continue to demand in markets including government, healthcare, education, finance, and even in the most graphics-intensive use cases such as media & entertainment and design manufacturing.

PCoIP Zero Clients will continue to be certified with each new Horizon release and new features will continue to be introduced as part of the Desktop Access subscription.

Absolutely! Your Tera2 PCoIP Zero Client can be used today with Cloud Access Software, Amazon WorkSpaces, VMware Horizon or the Remote Workstation Card.