• Cloud Access
    Designed for Windows & Linux applications

Software, Resources and Support for Your Cloud Migration


Securely deliver workspaces and applications from the cloud or data center of your choice

Whether it's a specialized tool for analyzing seismic models or an entire workspace, Cloud Access Software lets users securely access the same applications and workflows they are already familiar with, from anywhere and at any time.

The benefits of the cloud are well understood. Few, however, truly understand how taxing a cloud migration project can be, particularly with legacy and proprietary apps. Cloud Access Software simplifies this process, giving you the power to migrate applications, as-is, to any cloud or data center.

The freedom to choose

All the computing power and flexibility you will ever need is available in the cloud. Cloud Access Software helps you harness this power, freeing users to work from anywhere, on a wide variety of devices — including laptops, tablets, and ultra-secure PCoIP Zero Clients.

Cloud Access Software supports all major public clouds, on-premises data centers, and hybrid environments.


Tools, support and resources

Along with 24x7 support from Teradici, subscribers get exclusive access to resources and tools like .

With Management Console, IT administrators can manage up to 20,000 PCoIP Zero Client devices from a single console, easily provision new devices, report on inventory, review metrics, configure settings, and update firmware.

Learn more and try PCoIP Management Console.

Cloud Access

Your subscription includes...

Cloud Access Software

Deliver rich, secure, hosted user experiences across all network conditions with PCoIP technology

Endpoint flexibility

Users can access their workspaces from laptops, tablets, or ultra-secure PCoIP Zero Clients. Clients available for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Chrome OS

Premium support

24x7 support from Teradici, the inventors of PCoIP technology

Exclusive resources

Including training webinars on topics like system health checks, deployment optimization, migration to the cloud, and more

Roadmap access and influence

Join beta programs for: New AMD, NVIDIA GPU support, Cloud Access Manager (cloud provisioning and brokering), Linux client, Wacom tablet support for Linux

PCoIP Management Console Enterprise

Manage up to 20,000 endpoints from a single console, with features such as auto-config, scheduling, certificates, and more

PCoIP Zero Client Firmware upgrades

The latest security and feature updates for your PCoIP Zero Clients

What our customers are saying

Migrate Applications and Workloads with Cloud Access

Move workloads and applications, as they are, to an on-premises data center, cloud, or hybrid environment. Cloud Access Software handles the rest, securely delivering your hosted application to just about any endpoint.

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*$120 per 1-year term, paid up front
Save 20% on a 3-year subscription


  • Cloud Access Software - Standard Edition
  • Resources, support and access to the PCoIP team
  • PCoIP Management Console
  • Zero client firmware upgrades
  • Need GPU support? See Cloud Access Plus

Need help setting up a PCoIP environment? How about an infrastructure health check?
Teradici Professional Services can help.