Text Conventions

Teradici uses various text styles to make our information more intuitive.

Text Format What it means

Bold text

Used to indicate system objects that you will interact with, such as a menu item or a submit button.

Italic text

Used to indicate the following conventions:

  • A system object that is present in an interface, but that you do not directly interact with.
  • A document cross-reference or hyperlink
Plain Monospace Text

Indicates file paths or file names.

  • \Program Files (x86)\Teradici\PCoIP Agent
  • /etc/pcoipagent/pcoip-agent.conf

Red Monospace Text

Indicates code fragments, keys, variables, and parameters. Examples:

  • This is the HTML5 <code> element.
  • Set the pcoip.event_filter_mode variable.

Inverse Monospace text

Used to indicate keyboard buttons, like Ctrl or Shift.

Formatted text
Used to indicate code blocks, including command line interactions.