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Workload Analysis and Use Case Classification

It is recommended that use cases are evaluated in view of user experience demands as well as network bandwidth considerations. The following sections provide metrics in relation to bandwidth and user experience ratings, user types, network bandwidth and frame rates.

Use Case Classification

PCoIP technology provides a range of capabilities suitable for a variety of user types, including:

  • Task Workers: Task workers typically use applications involving simple screen data and text entry, such as call centers or companies that deliver online certification tests.
  • Knowledge Workers: Knowledge workers use enterprise-level productivity suites, interactive CD quality audio communication tools, consume high-definition video and may have some lightweight 3D applications.
  • Artists/Designers: Artists and designers perform creative tasks that need high-quality, graphic-intensive 3D rendering for high definition imaging, video, and animation work.
  • Scientists/Engineers: Scientists and engineers use compute farms and High Performance Computing (HPC) platforms to extract high resolution visual information and animations from complex data sets.