User Experience Ratings and Bandwidth Considerations

For your convenience, Teradici has established five user profiles, each with a unique combination of PCoIP session variables. The session variables may be configured on a specific user profile basis per Sample Policies by User Profile or via the Group Policy Editor (Windows) or session configuration file (Linux) as described in the PCoIP Session Configuration. The profiles, their level of experience and the recommended configurations, are described next.

Profile A represents the best graphics experience, default for PCoIP Remote Workstation Cards.

Profile B represents a standard experience, default for PCoIP Standard and Graphics Agents.

Profile C represents bandwidth-optimized experience for knowledge workers operating in constrained network scenarios.

Profile D represents bandwidth-constrained experience for task workers operating in constrained network scenarios.

Profile E represents maximum bandwidth-constrained experience suitable for task workers only - for example 10 small screen users sharing a T1 link.

The following table shows the bandwidth and user experience for the different user types, and the worker profiles they correlate to:

Bandwidth and User Experience ratings

Worker Type Bandwidth User Experience Use Cases
Profile A Highest (LAN) Best Artists/Designers/Scientists/Engineers
Profile B High (LAN/WAN) Great Artists/Designers/Scientists/Engineers
Profile C Optimized Good Knowledge Workers
Profile D Constrained Good Knowledge Workers/Task Workers
Profile E Lowest Limited Task Workers