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Webcam Support

The PCoIP Software Client for Windows supports certain Webcam models. You must have a PCoIP Software Client 21.03 or higher and PCoIP Agent 21.03 or higher installed to enable these Webcam models. For detailed information on which models are supported and the performance metrics associated with these models, see here. This KB article also details steps on how to test and verify other Webcam models.

Webcams may consume significant network bandwidth in the upstream direction from the endpoint with the webcam to the remote desktop. Depending on the webcam model and resolution, the bandwidth requirement to achieve~ 30 frames per second may be anywhere between 17 Mbps and 40 Mbps. Note that if network bandwidth availability is limited, the frame rate of the webcam is scaled back accordingly.

As of 21.07, this feature is enabled by default.


Webcam support in Cloud Access Software requires the following:

  • PCoIP Software Client for Windows or PCoIP Software Client for Linux, 21.07+
  • PCoIP Standard Agent for Windows or PCoIP Graphics Agent for Windows, 21.03+
  • USB-attached webcam

Notes and Limitations

  • Webcams must be connected via USB. Webcams that are not USB, such as embedded laptop webcams, are not supported.
  • Linux agents are not supported.
  • PCoIP Software Client for macOS is not supported.


On the PCoIP Software Client, connect the webcam as described in the following sections: