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Wacom Tablet Support

Teradici Cloud Access Software supports Wacom tablets in two configurations: bridged, where peripheral data is sent to the desktop for processing, and locally terminated, where peripheral data is processed locally at a PCoIP Software Client or a PCoIP Tera2 Zero Client. Some of the advantages of using Cloud Access Software in conjunction with Wacom tablets include:

  • The ability to interact with your Wacom tablet in a remote environment as if using a deskside workstation.
  • Increase the flexibility and footprint of your VFX or video editorial pipelines by centralizing your workstations and providing WAN access for remote artists or satellite studios.
  • It dramatically increases your deployment options by enabling your artists with public cloud remote workstations.

The Benefits of Local Termination

While Wacom tablets offer reasonable interactivity in bridged mode at latencies up to 25ms, locally termination greatly improves the responsiveness and tolerance for higher-latency (including 25ms and higher) network connections. High interactivity is very important for artists using Wacom tablets. Local termination presents an immediate local cursor to assist hand-eye coordination in addition to bridging parameters such as pen position, pressure and angle.

For information on which Wacom tablet models are supported with local termination on a PCoIP Software Client and PCoIP Tera2 Zero Client, see Locally Terminated Wacom Tablets - Windows, Locally Terminated Wacom Tablets - Linux and Locally Terminated Wacom Tablets - macOS.