Enhanced Audio/Video (A/V) Synchronization

This client side setting which is available on PCoIP Software Clients, reduces the delay between the audio and video channels. Enhanced A/V Sync offers improved lip sync while also reducing the number of dropped video frames during movie playback. When enabled, a small lag in user interaction and responsiveness is introduced and the maximum frate rate may be reduced. Enhanced A/V Sync is enabled on a per-display basis, so you can dedicate individual displays to playback without impacting responsiveness on the others. For further information on turning on and using the Enhanced A/V Sync on the PCoIP Software Clients, see the following guides:

Some video editing applications such as Adobe Premiere, provide user settings that adjust A/V synchronization. In the case of Adobe Premiere, audio latency can be adjusted in the audio hardware preferences page. For more information on this, consult the Adobe Premiere Pro User Guide.