Teradici PCoIP Client 1.5.1 for iOS Release Notes

Release Overview

Use Teradici’s PCoIP Client for iPad to connect to your remote virtual desktop or workstation powered by Teradici Cloud Access Software, Teradici Cloud Access Platform, Teradici Workstation Access Software and, recently added, the Teradici Remote Workstation Card (host card).

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  • Teradici Support Site: Access to firmware/software updates and downloads, documentation, knowledge base, and more.

What's New in This Release

PCoIP Client iOS 1.5 and its subsequent maintenance releases have the following features:

General security and maintenance

This release features security updates and bug fixes.

Direct connect to Teradici Remote Workstation Card (recently added)

This new feature enables a direct connection to Teradici Remote Workstation Cards (host cards).

Touch ID Login Support (recently added)

Added the ability to login through Touch ID.

Compatibility and Requirements

  • Requires iOS8 and iPad2 (or later).
  • Host card connectivity requires Teradici Remote Workstation Card Firmware 4.7.5 or later.
  • Software agent connectivity requires version 2.5.0 or later of Teradici Cloud Access Software, Teradici Cloud Access Platform, or Teradici Workstation Access Software.

Release Downloads

Release History

Version/Build Date Description
1.5.1 November 2016 Security Update
1.5.0 September 2016 Direct connect support for Teradici Remote Workstation Card