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PCoIP License Server 2.1 Offline Administrators' Guide

This guide is intended for PCoIP system administrators who are deploying an offline PCoIP License Server as part of their Cloud Access Software solution.

The License Server can be used with or without a connection to the public internet. Since usage is different in each case, we've documented each environment separately.

These instructions are for users with offline (dark) environments only

The instructions and specifications included are specifically written for deployments where the PCoIP License Server does not have a connection to the public internet.

Users with a connection to the public internet should use the Online Administrators' Guide instead.

The Teradici PCoIP License Server is a standalone service that runs on a Linux (RHEL or CentOS) machine and handles both PCoIP session license registrations and PCoIP session request authorization.

This documentation assumes that you have a thorough understanding of virtual machines and networking concepts, including firewall configuration. Knowledge of Linux systems in general and RHEL or CentOS in particular will also be helpful, although all required Linux commands are included here.

Important: Access to required

Before you can activate licenses with an offline license server, you must be given access to To request access, create a ticket with Teradici support. Be prepared to provide a valid activation key, and the name and email address of a contact person who should have access.

Important: The License server is only required for local license management

This software is not required for organizations using Teradici Cloud Licensing.