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PCoIP Connection Manager and PCoIP Security Gateway Performance Limits

The following statistics represent the performance limits of the PCoIP Connection Manager and PCoIP Security Gateway with a minimum system configuration. You can exceed these limits, unless indicated, with more powerful systems.

PCoIP Connection Manager Limits

Session Establishment Limits

Based on the minimum connection manager system requirements, the PCoIP Connection Manager can establish the following number of sessions:

  • 40 simultaneous in-process session establishment sequences

  • Up to 250 simultaneous client communications

PCoIP Security Gateway Limits

Session Limits

Each PCoIP Security Gateway supports a maximum of 5,000 simultaneous sessions. You can lower this limit by changing the MaxConnections setting in /etc/SecurityGateway.conf. If you need to support more than 5,000 simultaneous sessions, deploy additional PCoIP Connection Manager and PCoIP Security Gateways behind a load balancer.

Bandwidth Limits

Based on the recommended minimum configuration, the PCoIP Security Gateway is capable of forwarding up to 400 Mbps of PCoIP session traffic (PCoIP UDP packets). This is a soft limit. To prevent performance degradation beyond this limit, use a PCoIP Security Gateway server with greater computing power.