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Uninstalling PCoIP Connection Manager and PCoIP Security Gateway

Uninstalling the PCoIP Connection Manager and PCoIP Security Gateway also deletes configuration files such as /etc/ConnectionManager.conf, /etc/SecurityGateway.conf, and the /opt/Teradici/certs directory.

If necessary, back up your files before uninstalling.

Important: Both services are uninstalled

You cannot uninstall the PCoIP Security Gateway component by itself. Uninstalling the PCoIP Security Gateway also uninstalls the PCoIP Connection Manager.

To uninstall the PCoIP Connection Manager, PCoIP Security Gateway, and third-party dependencies:

sudo yum remove cm_sg

sudo yum remove cm_third_party_dependencies

Some file structures and symbolic links are not deleted. If you plan to install a new version, you don't need to delete them. You can manually delete them if necessary.

To delete directories and symlinks:

sudo rm –rf /opt/Teradici

sudo rm –rf /var/log/Teradici/