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Locating Cloud Access Manager Credentials

The following sections outline how to create an access policy that enable you to view all available secrets located within the key vault, and where to find Connection Service Server credentials from the resource group key vault in the Azure portal.

Finding the Local Administrator Credentials for Connection Service Servers

The local administrator credentials, password and username, for Connection Service Servers, can be found in the key vault within the Azure Portal. These credentials are required if you want to RDP to a remote workstation or if you want to configure a remote workstation. All parameters are located within the key vault. For a closer look at these parameters, see Cloud Access Manager Configuration Storage The following steps outline how to find these credentials:

  1. Select your Resource group from within the Azure Portal.
  2. Click on the key vault file.
  3. Click on Secrets from the key vault menu to display all deployment parameters. If you do not see the parameters listed then you have to create a new access policy, as outlined in the Creating a New Access Policy section below.
  4. Click on connectionServiceLocalAdminPassword and connectionServiceLocalAdminUsername for connection service server credentials. Alt Text

Creating a New Access Policy

The following section outlines how to create an access policy which enables you to view all available secrets within the key vault:

  1. Log into your account on the Azure portal.
  2. Click Resource Groups from the side menu to display a list of available resource groups.
  3. Click on the resource group you want to access.
  4. Click on the key vault resource from the listed resources. Alt Text
  5. Under the key vault options tab click on the Access policies under the Settings tab. Alt Text
  6. A list of the access policies associate with Cloud Access Manager will now be displayed. Click Add new to create a new access policy.
  7. Click Secret Management from the Configure from template dropdown menu. Alt Text
  8. Click on Select principal and select a principal account to add.
  9. Click Select at the bottom of the Principal tab.
  10. Click OK. The new policy is now listed under the Access Policies for Cloud Access Manager.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Click Secrets from the key vault resources panel to display all available parameters.