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Deployment Prerequisites for Cloud Access Manager

This section outlines the required deployment prerequisites you need to deploy Cloud Access Manager, as well as the parameters and pre-requisite steps required to deploy Cloud Access Manager with a domain controller .

Azure Account Requirements

You are required to have an Azure account with 'owner' rights to an Azure subscription and you must have access to Azure Cloud Shell PowerShell, or the Azure PowerShell SDK.

Assigning a Certificate to the Cloud Access Connector

When you install the Cloud Access Connector you will receive a default certificate that will expire after 1 year. Teradici strongly recommends assigning a certificate to the application gateway within the Microsoft Azure portal. This will prevent a security certificate error from occuring when you HTTPS to Cloud Access Manager. For information on how to do this, see Assigning a Certificate to the Application Gateway.

Teradici Cloud Access Software Requirements

You are required to have a valid registration code for Teradici Cloud Access Software to be able to successfully deploy Cloud Access Manager. This code will be sent to you via email from Teradici. For more information on Cloud Access Software see Cloud Access Software.

If you are deploying Cloud Access Manager into a complete, isolated deployment where there is no connection to corporate infrastructure, then please proceed to Deploying Cloud Access Manager with Azure Cloud Shell.