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Deployment Parameters with a New Active Directory Domain and Domain Controller

The following sections outline the deployment parameters required when creating a new domain:

Domain Admin Username

This is the name of the administrator's account to be created for the domain. This username must be short and not a User Principal Name (UPN). For example 'uname' is allowed and '' is not allowed.

Domain account information

The account is created as the domain administrator for the new domain you are deploying with Cloud Access Manager.

Local admin account

This accounts username and password becomes the local admin account for each machine you create.

Domain Admin Password

This is the password for the administrator account on the new remote workstations and domain.

Domain Account Information

You are creating this password before deploying Cloud Access Manager. This is not an existing password.

Domain Name

This is the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) of the Active Directory Domain. This name must have a '.', for example domain.local. The domain name does not need to be unique to get the system operational, if you are testing isolated systems you can use the same name for your deployments like

Registration Code

This is the registration code for the PCoIP Cloud Access Software licenses. The Cloud Access Software registration code is sent to you in an email from Teradici once you have purchased a Cloud Access Software license. The Registration code you receive will look like the following example: ABCEDEFGHIJK12@12AB-34CD-56EF-78GH