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Cloud Access Manager

For a look at Teradici's Cloud Access Software component downloads and documentation, visit Teradici Cloud Access Software.

Legacy Cloud Access Connector

This version of the Cloud Access Connector for Azure is in technical guidance, and is the legacy version of the Cloud Access Connector. All new feature enhancements will be focused on the Cloud Access Connector going forward. If you are currently using the legacy Cloud Access Connector for Azure you may continue to do so. Teradici will continue to provide bug and security updates but no feature enhancements. Teradici will end of life the Legacy Cloud Access Connector for Azure once feature parity is reached in Cloud Access Connector.

What is Cloud Access Manager?

Cloud Access Manager enables highly-scalable and cost-effective Cloud Access Software deployments by managing cloud compute costs and brokering PCoIP connections to remote Windows or Linux workstations. The following image outlines the Cloud Access Manager service architecture for an administrator:

Cloud Access Manager Service

The Cloud Access Manager solution is comprised of two main components – the Cloud Access Manager service, which is a service offered by Teradici to manage Cloud Access Manager deployments, and the Cloud Access Connector, which is the portion of the Cloud Access Manager solution that resides in the customer Azure subscription. You must first deploy the Cloud Access Connector in your Azure subscription using an Azure CloudShell script provided by Teradici. For more information on this procedure see Deploying Cloud Access Manager with Azure Cloud Shell. Administrators do not have to manage the Cloud Access Manager service. The service allows for a simple and lightweight Cloud Access Manager deployment.

Customer Costs

Customers are responsible for the cloud computing costs associated with the Cloud Access connection service and the remote workstations that they create and run.