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PCoIP Ultra

The PCoIP Client provides support for PCoIP Ultra, the latest protocol enhancements from Teradici. PCoIP Ultra is optimized for truly lossless support with bit-exact color accuracy and preservation of content detail at the highest frame rates.

PCoIP Ultra protocol enhancements propels our industry-recognized performance into the future of remote computing, with faster, more interactive experience for users of remote workstations working with high-resolution content.

PCoIP Ultra is disabled by default. To enable it, see Enabling PCoIP Ultra.

PCoIP Ultra Enhancements

In version 21.01, PCoIP Ultra provides the following benefits:

  • Support for 4K/UHD high frame rate content
  • Efficient scaling across multicore CPUs leveraging AVX2 instruction sets

The Software Client for Windows 21.01 with PCoIP Ultra contains certain limitations around USB and printer plugin redirection. The latest beta version of PCoIP Ultra is available via our Technology Preview version, as outlined below.


To take advantage of PCoIP Ultra, you need to meet these requirments:

  • A PCoIP agent (any type) 19.05.0 or later.
  • A PCoIP Software Client for macOS or PCoIP Software Client for Linux, 19.05.0 or later.

PCoIP Software Client for Windows users

Support for PCoIP Ultra on the PCoIP Software Client for Windows is provided via the PCoIP Ultra Technology Preview as described above.

  • The CPUs on bot the agent and the client machines must support the AVX2 instruction set.

Troubleshooting PCoIP Ultra

For troubleshooting information around implementing the PCoIP Ultra protocol enhancements, see the knowledge base article: Troubleshooting PCoIP Ultra.