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PCoIP Agents

The PCoIP Agent is a standalone software application installed on a virtual computer or remote workstation that will securely encode the desktop and efficiently stream pixels-only to the PCoIP Client. There are different versions of agents available for supporting both standard and graphics PC architectures. PCoIP Agents are available for Windows and Linux platforms.

PCoIP Graphics Agent

A PCoIP Graphics Agent leverages a discrete graphics processor and associated 3D APIs, including OpenGL and DirectX, The PCoIP Graphics Agent is optimized for the latest GPUs, including NVIDIA GRID GPUs supporting NVIDIA Capture SDK and AMD GPUs supporting AMD RapidFire SDK.

PCoIP Standard Agent

A PCoIP Standard Agent provides each user with a dedicated remote desktop. A PCoIP Standard Agent is optimized for VDI, DaaS, and cloud deployments. A PCoIP Standard Agent does not support GPU-accelerated 3D graphics.

For more information on the PCoIP Agents and supported operating systems, see the following guides: