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Teradici Software Development Kit for Mac

The PCoIP Client Software Development Kit (SDK) for Mac is a set of libraries and binaries that enables developers to build custom PCoIP clients. The SDK is provided as part of Teradici Cloud Access Software and the resulting client can connect to Cloud Access Software Standard Edition and Graphics Edition through the Cloud Access and Cloud Access Plus plans. The SDK includes the following components:

  • Code Examples
  • Programming Guide
  • Session Client Source Code
  • Session Client Binary Executable
  • Session Client Libraries and API Headers
  • Session Client API Documentation
  • Broker Client Example Code
  • Broker Client Libraries and API Headers
  • PCoIP Core Libraries and API Headers
  • PCoIP Core Binary

Supported Platforms

The PCoIP Client SDK can be used on the following Mac operating systems:

  • macOS 10.14 Mojave
  • macOS 10.13 High Sierra

What Can You Build With the PCoIP Client SDK?

The PCoIP Client SDK provides developers the ability to embed a PCoIP session into any program or solution, or create a standalone client with a completely custom user interface and workflow. With complete control over how a PCoIP client is built, you can create clients that incorporate customizations in both pre-session and in-session phases of a PCoIP connection. For example, the following customizations are all typical use cases:

Pre-Session Customizations

  • Customizing the client user interface to create a branded, end-to-end solution using company assets such as:
    • Corporate Logos
    • Slogans, trademarks or other text
    • Corporate colors and iconography
  • Developing customized authentication workflows, either directly or using a broker.
  • Automatically connecting users to specific desktops or applications, based on an identified user type or task.
  • Embedding a remote workload into an application.

In-Session Customizations

  • Client branding, including:
    • Menu item labels
    • Window titles
    • Application icons
    • Company logos
  • Automatic bridging of USB devices.
  • In-session menu bar visibility.
  • Disabling hot keys.
  • Client display size in windowed and fullscreen mode.
  • Configuring resolutions.
  • Securely using local and bridged USB devices.

Complete control of the in-session user experience is possible using the PCoIP Core API.