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High Performance Client

The PCoIP Software Client has a high performance mode that can be enabled through the Teradici PCoIP Client.ini file. To enable the high performance mode of the PCoIP Client, set the following value:

%appdata%\Teradici\Teradici PCoIP Client.ini

Additional information on the high performance client:

  • Compatible for fullscreen, all monitors only. You cannot use windowed mode.
  • Menus are not available.
  • To disconnect use ctrl-alt-F12 on Windows and ctrl-alt-~ on Linux.
  • Use the vidpid-auto-forward command on the command line to connect usb peripherals, such as Wacom, when launching the PCoIP Client. For information on how to use the vidpid-auto-forward command, see here.
  • You can minimize the client by using ctrl-alt-m.